Janie Deadwyler is the Founder and CEO of Angels In Distress, inc.  providing awareness and prevention training of domestic abuse and domestic violence and how to identify red flags pertaining to abuse.  She has over twenty-five years of experience as a training professional, subject matter expert in human resources development and program needs assessment expert.  

janie's qualifications include certified senior instructor and HR development analyst with the atlanta police department; the largest law enforcement agency in the state of georgia.  competencies include: * leadership development *instructional design *Curriculum Management *Nationally Certified Leadership diversity facilitator *team building *Sexual harassment * Human sex trafficking Ambassador and Mental health first aid facilitator.

She also hosted a radio show for four years @ where she interviewed survivors and abusers to bring awareness of abuse and the effect on families and relationships.  FOLLOW US:  TWITTER @VICTORYY_COACH :  IG @IAMVICTORYY : PERISCOPE @VICTORYY_COACH : Facebook @ A.I.D.Incorporated.